Just to let you know the first aid training was great on Tuesday! We all enjoyed it and it was very useful. This morning I had to put some things into action, as I was first at the scene at a major car crash. I followed all the advice given and felt very proud of myself! Two people were injured and I was able to help and to coordinate proceedings until the police and ambulances arrived - I also then carried on assisting the paramedic with one of those injured. Thank you Paul,I could hear his voice reminding me what to do at each step!

Deborah Whippey

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, moved along at our own pace, able to ask questions. Paul got everyone involved. Paul was interesting and used relevant examples from his experiences that helped illustrate key points, offered reassurance and increased confidence. Impressive equipment, it was obvious that he cared about what he was doing and not just out to make money. it is the first resus session I've been in the last 25 years that we all had our own mannequin to practice at once, this was really engaging. I was impressed with the course, we covered a huge amount of topics, the resources used to get us to talk about what we knew, what we would do was effective. Useful first aid book to take away and use. It was also the first stat and mand course I had participated in that required test of learning, this was good, and made the day more meaningful. I think Paul and the course would be appropriate and suitable for the explorers and maybe the older scouts.

Chris Watkins

What an excellent Instructor and Trainee. If only I had a few more teachers like him when I was at school. His excellent mantra was 'you can only do your best!' . For me he took the worry out of doing CPR and using a defibrillator, now they are so readily available. It was a light hearted day with a very serious purpose, I would thoroughly recommend them for future courses!

Sheena Rand

The training you provided us with was probably some of the best that i have received from the organisation, and it's been reassuring to myself that even with poorly patients in tow I have managed to keep my cool, and just concentrate on the task at hand without letting any emotional side of prospective jobs cloud my judgement. I think the thing that i tend to find myself doing, is remembering your words of wisdom, and it almost feels like your sitting beside me guiding me through the drive. Again thanks for your time and patience.

Chris Young

Brilliant Course - thank you!

Kathryn Sullivan